Monday, March 1, 2010

Phone Gnomes

Time flies away so quickly. So does my cell phone. I rarely have it. Even when I go out and about I forget to take it. It isn't uncommon for me to lose it and not find it for a day or two. I'm just not a big cell phone fan. I think I was 20 or 21 before I even got one and only did so because my family insisted. One day, at the mall, my sister and mom led me into a cell phone store. I thought they needed pick something up but as we entered my sister informed me, "Erica, it's time." I resisted that instant but a week later found myself in possession of one.

With that being said I'll present to you that which happens to my phone when I lose/leave it laying around the house. Two phone gnomes seem to find it all the time. Often enough, when I retrieve that precious, fine piece of plastic, I find it has been graced with a different wallpaper. Here are some of the photo backdrop surprises:

Phone Gnome James

Phone Gnome Las

Oh how I love my phone gnomes!


  1. Um...this happens to everyone I think. Well, everyone in a hilarious family. Reed and Bethany are the culprits most often in our house...but it could even be Dad if you're lucky some days. haha.

  2. Whew! I'm sure glad that I have never gnomed your phone. I would hate to have my ugly portraits posted on your blog.