Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here in Mesa, AZ it's feeling like spring. Oh, the feelings I get when I take a stroll down the street! I do take strolls down the street, ya know. It may be scary to imagine, but this video of Eduard pretty much sums up what those quick jaunts around the block look like; though truthfully, my live experiences vary with a sing-song whistling instead of the impressive Trololoing. Pay close attention to those feelings that stir inside as you watch. By the end, you'll probably want to go on a stroll yourself. If you don't feel the urge, I can bet that the lyrics will most likely run through your head a time or two throughout the day.

Take it away Eduard...


  1. AAIEEEEEEE EE EE EE EEEEE. Fave part. The rest was a little creepy...but for some reason, enjoyable. Where do you find this stuff? I did see an "lol haha" in there. Nice

  2. Eduard. Now that dude couldn't possibly be getting paid what he's worth.

    I think you would enjoy the Big Joe Polka Show as much as me. It's primo.