Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sports News

This photo was taken last night at James' revelation of the onsie, properly referred to as the "singlet". Sisters Las and Boo have been dreading it for weeks and trying to coax James to abandon the disgusting sport.

Today James had his first wrestling match. His determined, concentrated dedication of these past weeks was reflected in his performance, though he lost both matches. I went to the meet to support him and was greeted in the gym with the pungent smell of sweaty pubescent boys. The smell was even worse when I sat for 10 minutes and it settled in as a heavy, humid musk. Gross. My mom and I moved to a spot that caught the draft from the entrance doors. Fresh air never tasted better. Hopefully I'll toughen up the further along these meets go.

In all actuality, I lost track of the smell after awhile, eh-hem, quite awhile, and found myself sucked in to the various matches. I don't know why I felt invigorated watching teenage boys scurry around on ringworm-ridden mats but I found myself suppressing cheers for tough guys I didn't even know... and those two girls. I'm totally sucked into this already, an encouraging plus as my only purpose for prior attendance was out of love, a dedicated love, for the only guy in the household.

Side note: At the brief mention above of the two girl wrestlers, a remembrance of Peaches is brought to mind. In high school, some guy friends wrestled. Many a chuckle was had over Peaches, the solo-girl teammate. Those guy-giggles were an inevitable part of every wrestling conversation. I wish I would have gone to one of the matches to see her. The 2 girls today were very athletic and nothing to laugh over, though I'm not in favor to their wrestling in the boy department (that's a whole different story though). Peaches. She's the topic of this paragraph. What ever happened to her, I wonder?

Stay tuned for more updates and there might possibly be some videos of James' matches included as well. It's late and I'm going to bed. Over and out.

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  1. Erica, I hope you are keeping a copy of all these "musings". They could be your pathway to fame and fortune. I sincerely believe if you would compile them, think of a real catchy title (I"ve tried but cannot come up with one" that it is the type of book Deseret Book would be interested in!

    Take the advice of your old Grandma and try it!