Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puppy-love and a Whisper

I'll start with the whisper comment first because it's brief... I was sitting at my mom's desk the other day at school when our neighbor girl came up to me with something to whisper. "Um, I love you and Jen went poopy in the potty today." Haha. Jen is her 8 year-old autistic sister who is still not yet potty trained. It's a big deal for her to go in the potty. What a random comment combo.


Alright. Remember the girl in kindergarten who thinks she's a dog? See HERE. I've been slacking with the updates. I'll list them for you:

1. My chat with DG (Dog Girl) from the other day:

Me: You know you're not a dog, right?
DG: "I know!"

Then she rolled her eyes and huffed.

2. This past week DG pounced onto my lap as I sat at the back teacher's desk. Of course her hands were gripped as if to form paws. The best part was that she rubbed her head against my shoulder (awkward). Isn't a cat supposed to do that? I still laughed though. She's so darn cute.

3. Awhile back, the class made snowmen. Once displayed on the board, DG drug me up and said "Guess which one is mine." For one ever-so-brief moment I thought, "Yeah right! all kindergarten snowmen look the same." That thought lasted a split second as I felt some brief inspiration... "Just look for a dog, Erica." Holy smokes. I picked it out right away. "It's not a snowman! It's a snowdog!" Here it is:

4. I sat and listened to my mom explain "describing words" to the kindies. Afterward, they practiced giving examples. Here's what DG had to say:

Mom: What's a word that describes Erica?
DG: Puppy-love!
Mom: Puppy-love?
DG: Yeah, cuz she could love puppies!

End note: Man, I love my job.

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